Book Of Lambspring: Invocation

September 12, 2019 00:46

The Book of Lambspring is a short work dating from 1556 consisting of an introduction followed by 15 emblems (images) with mottos. In 1678, verses were added. The Book of Lambspring is a work of spiritual alchemy, with few (if any) references to physical alchemical processes — it seems unlikely that it could ever have provided any clues to someone engaged in physical experimentation. Instead, it is a clear statement of the inner work of the spiritual alchemist. Its verses point to the soul and spirit involved in the alchemical transformation from the ‘lead’ of our natural unenlightened state to the ‘gold’ of spiritual achievement, and its fifteen emblems are evocative symbols of these inner processes.

The emblems and text of the Book of Lambspring in its various forms in its history can be found here.

The piece opens with an introduction — which I’ve titled “Invocation”. In keeping with the idea of "as above, so also below", the score is the same whether viewed right-side up or upside down.

Click here for the emblems and text.

Click here for a pdf of the score.

Click here for an mp3.

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