• Anthropomorphism and the Name of G-d

    September 14, 2019 22:32

    In traditional Judaism you’re not supposed to say the name of God ’YHWH’ because it is too sacred. When they read their Scriptures and come across "The Name" (that is, ’YHWH’), they say ’Adonai’ (’Master’) instead. Indeed, in their Scriptures they print YHWH without the vowel points — there’s no point! In some forms of Judaism they won’t even say the word ’God’ in ANY language. You can see this in the gospels: The Gospel of Matthew was directed to the Jews, so although the other Gospels use the phrase "the Kingdom of God", in Matthew you’ll only find "the Kingdom of the Heavens." Let’s try this out in this blog and use ’G-d’ to refer to You Know Who.

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  • Book Of Lambspring: Invocation

    September 12, 2019 00:46

    The Book of Lambspring is a short work dating from 1556 consisting of an introductory section followed by 15 emblems (images) with mottos. In 1678, verses were added. The Book of Lambspring is a work of spiritual alchemy, with few references to physical alchemical processes at best — it seems unlikely that it could ever have provided any clues to someone engaged in physical experimentation. Instead, it is a clear statement of the inner work of the spiritual alchemist. Its verses point to the soul and spirit involved in the alchemical transformation from the ‘lead’ of sin to the ‘gold’ of spiritual achievement, and its fifteen emblems are evocative symbols of these inner processes.(more )

  • A Canon

    August 26, 2019 14:04

    A ‘canon’ is a polyphonic piece of music in which a musical line, called the ‘dux’ (Latin for ‘leader’, pronounced like ‘ducks’) is repeated in other voices but offset in time. ‘Row row row your boat’ is a well-known example... (more )